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Pad Thai with Shrimps
Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Prawn / Phad Thai Goong Yang – Most of us are familiar with this menu, even foreigners as well.  Pad Thai has a salty, sour and sweet taste. it’s beautiful by wrapping in the egg. And look elegant with grilled shrimp on top.

Tom Yum Goong Set
Tom yum Goong is a type of hot and sour Thai soup, usually cooked with shrimp (prawn). Tom yum has its origin in Thailand. The words “tom yum” are derived from two Thai words. Tom refers to the boiling process, while yum refers to a Thai spicy and sour salad. Tom yum is characterized by its distinct hot and sour flavors, with fragrant spices and herbs generously used in the broth. The soup is also made with fresh ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce, and crushed red chili peppers. We serve our Tom Yum Set with Shrimps together with an omelet.

We serve these two dishes exclusively only @ 18 Coins Cafe & Hostel

Our Restaurant is open every day from 7 AM – 8 PM

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